DELSUTH Medical Doctor and Patient

Experienced Doctors

Here in DELSUTH we provide care in over 18 Medical specialities and sub-specialties. Our Clinical Departments are well staffed with each specialty having a Consultant or two in charge.  Our Consultants are well experienced with many years of practice in both Nigeria and abroad. Alongside our Consultants, we have well-qualified Resident Doctors in training who…

Accident and Emergency Ambulances

Emergency Services

With about 5 functioning ambulances, DELSUTH is always ready to respond in cases of emergencies. Our Accident and Emergency unit which is managed by a team of experienced Doctors and Nurses. The Clinical staff and other support, staff are always on standby to discharge their duties efficiently to Patients with sudden serious injuries and illnesses.

Latest Technology Eye Clinic

Latest Technology

In other to provide timely care and accurate diagnosis to Patients, DELSUTH has a wide range of the latest technological devices deployed across various Clinical departments. From our Radiology department which is equipped with a 32-Slide CT machine and a MRI machine to the Ophthalmology department which has an Optical lab, DELSUTH has invested heavily in…