Accessing Out-Patient Services

Emergency Services: Adults visiting with emergencies, adults should go to the accident and emergency Department while children should be taken to the Children Emergency Ward. Pregnant women with Emergency conditions presenting between 8am and 5pm should visit the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

Registration: Patients visiting for the first time should visit the Helpdesk located at the Atrium from where they would be directed to the Medical Records Department. At the Medical Records Department, they are issued with the costing for the registration process. Payment for registration is done at one of the numerous pay points found inside the Hospital. After payment, Patients are required to change the payment slips to Hospital Issued receipts at one of the audit receipts offices located on any of the floors. The receipts are then taken to the Medical Records Office where the registration is carried out and a new case file is opened. Thereafter a Records officer will lead you back to the Out Patient Clinic with your new case file. All you then need to do is to wait for the Nurse [or her assistant] to carry out some preliminary assessment like your weight, height, vital signs, after which you will be led to sit close to the consulting room of your doctor and be invited into the room once it is your turn. Please be patient and cooperate with our staff.

Routine Medical Services: All non-emergency conditions with referral letters, [depending on the cases], should go to the appropriate clinic you are referred to namely: Surgical Outpatient [SOP], Eye Clinic, Ear Nose and Throat [ENT], Paediatric Clinic [MOP], Antenatal Clinic [ANC] and Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic. All Clinics are located on the ground floor of the main Hospital building.
If you do not have a referral letter, please go to the Family Medicine Department where initial assessment will be carried out and, if necessary, you will be referred to a specialist clinic in the hospital.

Follow-up Visit: Patients who have seen a doctor previously and been given appointments for follow-up visits do not need to register again but should simply submit their blue [appointment] cards to the Health Records officer in the clinics they attend so they can have their case files retrieved. Patients should wait to be called, first by Health Records officer who then hands them and their case files over to the nurse and the process continues as above. Please ensure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the appointment time written on your blue card.
At the end of your consultation, please go back to the nursing desk again to be directed appropriately. The next step after this point depends on what you have been directed to do by the doctor. It could be any of the following:
I. carry out laboratory tests
II. go for a procedure including surgery
III. procure medications/drugs at pharmacy or/and
IV. be admitted into the wards.
The nurse will give you the costing for any of the activities above if He/She has access to the prices.

Payment for Services: To make the payment of bills easy and stress-free, pay points are located on the ground and the first floor. Other than Medications/drugs, please ensure you obtain the cost of services from the nurse or any other designated official in the clinic and proceed to pay at the closet pay point. For medication/drugs, you need to obtain the actual costing from the pharmacist’s desk in the clinic [or the main pharmacy] before you proceed to pay. Please ensure you obtain payment slips and these slips are converted to DELSUTH receipts at the Audit receipt offices before you proceed to access the services, e.g. go back to collect medicines in pharmacy or do tests in laboratories.

Before leaving the clinic, please remember to present a slip of your next appointment [which your doctor would have given you] at the records office at the clinic where you were attended to so that your appointment would be documented.