The Physiotherapy department is involved in the day to day management/treatment of both in and outpatients who require physical therapy. We manage/treat patients from the following areas of speciality:

  • Women health Obs. and gun as
  • Child health Paediatrics( Neonatal upwards)
  • Neurology/MedicaI conditions
  • Trauma/Orthopaedic
  • Emergency/Critical care
  • Surgical (Pre and post)
  • General rehabilitation  


  • Electrotherapy – Shortwave diathermy; Infra-red; Microwave; Stimulation and Ultrasound therapy.
  • Manual therapy: Massage and manipulative therapy
  • Exercise therapy: Functional re-education using various gadgets such as wall bar, parallel bar, treadmill, strippers, bicycle ergometer, overhead pulley, CP and quadriceps chair amongst others.